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How will your business perform in a post-COVID-19 future?

How are businesses navigating the challenges of the pandemic economy? Where do they see opportunity to become more efficient, cut costs and grow? How confident are they in the future?

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Mobile Banking Apps

Instant access to your account on any device using our apps.

Family Programs

Our Bank has special programs with benefits for family members.

Various Locations

We have offices in many countries including the USA and the UK.

Personal Profile

Register your free personal profile online to begin using our services.

Easy Account Setup

Registered clients can edit the account settings in 2 clicks.

24/7 support

Support team is always ready to help you solve any banking issues

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Sep 28, 2024

Perfect for travellers

Worldwide commission-free purchases We won’t charge you for buying things when you are abroad.

No annual fee

We won’t charge you a monthly or yearly fee for having a credit card with us.

Check before you commit

Before we carry out a credit check, we'll let you know if we think you'll be eligible.

Banking statistics.

Statistical information

Our financial services deeply rely on certain banking procedures that have been perfected over the years and helped us get prestigious awards.

Financial consulting 80%
Online Key Capitalxs 95%
Online reporting 90%
Online banking 75%
24/7 support 95%





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Register for an Key Capitalxs online banking account.

Filling Out a Form

Go to our card section on your dashboard.

Signing an Agreement

Sign an aggreement and request for a card

Using a card

Use your credit card for fast and reliable online payments.